Bruktawit, creator of the popular children’s television program Tsehai Loves Learning, was honored for her pioneering work in education and health.

New York, USA September 25, 2018 – Bruktawit Tigabu, creator of the popular children’s television show Tsehai Loves Learning, has been recognized as a 2018 Outstanding Social Entrepreneur of the Year by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.

Bruktawit established Whiz Kids Workshop in 2005 with a mission of contributing to the benefit of children through educational media, with an emphasis on low-income, marginalized, or vulnerable populations in particular.

Bruktawit and Whiz Kids Workshop were among 11 individuals and 12 organizations selected for this year’s prize to become part of the broader Schwab Foundation community of 350 outstanding social entrepreneurs from around the world.

She was selected through a rigorous process in which Bruktawit’s leadership, her organization Whiz Kids Workshop and its projects’ impact and potential to scale.

Social Entrepreneurs leverage the power of market forces and business principles to solve social problems in ways that benefit the marginalized and the poor,” said Hilde Schwab, Chairperson and Co-Founder, Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.

“Their work is often carried out in areas where government and the private sector are unable to achieve meaningful outcomes and involves considerable creativity coupled with pragmatism.”

Whiz Kids Workshop uses television, radio and print media to disseminate educational messages in seven local languages with an emphasis on early childhood and early grade education, healthy behavior, literacy and gender equality.

Its flagship international award-winning program, Tsehai Loves Learning, reaches up to 5 million television viewers every week and an estimated 10 million radio listeners.

“Tsehai Loves Learning demonstrates public private partnership, where an idea becomes part of a systemic change,” said Bruktawit.

“Organizations like USAID have provided us with technical and financial support for the production of Tsehai Loves Learning over the last 5 years,

Ethiopian Television provided free air time for the last 10 years, and the Addis Ababa Education Bureau integrated Tsehai Loves Learning into the school curriculum.

These visionary organizations took a chance on social entrepreneurship as a means to greater good for our society.”

A cluster-randomized controlled trial of children’s learning from the Tsehai Loves Learning Healthy Whiz Kids program found that children’s health knowledge doubled after exposure to the television episodes.

Whiz Kids Workshop is ready to scale the Tsehai Loves Learning health literacy program from 405 schools to all public school in different regions of Ethiopia.

They are also working with the Addis Ababa West Rotary Club and the Addis Ababa Education Bureau to promote a reading culture in the classroom as well as at home in 40 schools and communities.

Bruktawit’s eyes lit up when asked about what we can expect next from Whiz Kids Workshop.

“We’re working on a new, fully-animated, female-led, superhero series called ‘Tibeb Girls’ with specific focus on girls’ education and reproductive health.

The three main characters fight negative social norms that keep girls behind in school and life.

Tibeb Girls comprehensive tools and materials are designed for in school and out of school adolescents.

We are looking for committed broadcasters, implementing and funding partners to deliver this program to millions of adolescents in Ethiopia and across Africa and to scale up this new, exciting series.”

Bruktawit is one of the seven founding members of Social Enterprise Ethiopia and currently serving as board chairperson to promote social enterprise sector in Ethiopia



የ”ዊዝ ኪድስ ኢትዮጵያ” እና የ”ፀሐይ መማር ትወዳለች” የሕጻናት የቴሌቪዥን ፕሮግራም መሥራች ብሩክታይት ጥጋቡ የ2014 የትሬምፕሊን ሽልማት አሸናፊ ነበረች:-

የዊዝ ኪድስ ወርክሾፕ መሥራችና ሥራ አስኪያጅ የሆነችው ብሩክታይት ጥጋቡ በማህበራዊ ዘርፍ የተሰማሩ የቢዝነስ ፕሮጀክቶችን የሚያበረታታው የ2014ቱን የትሬምፕሊን ሽልማት መሸለሟ ይታወቃል፡፡


ከዩኔስኮ ጋር በትብብር የሚሰጠው ይህ ሽልማት የ10,000 ዶላር የገንዘብ ሽልማት፣ የአንድ አመት የዓለማቀፍ የማማከር ድጋፍ እንዲሁም የሚዲያ ሽፋን ማግኘትን የሚያካትት ነው፡፡

የብሩክታይት ሥራ የሆነው “ፀሐይ መማር ትወዳለች” አስተማሪ የሕጻናት የቴሊቪዥን ፕሮግራም ከቴሌቪዥንም በተጨማሪ ከትምህርት ቤቶች እስከ ስደተኞች ጣቢያ ድረስ በአማካይ 5 ሚሊየን ሕጻናት አይተውታል ተብሎ ይገመታል፡፡

ይህ “ፀሐይ መማር ትወዳለች” የተባለው ትምህርታዊ ፕሮግራም…

– የጃፓኑን International Contest for Education Media፣

– እ.አ.አ በ2008 ደግሞ Next Generation Prize at Prix Jeunesse International – እንዲሁም በ2011 የማይክሮ ሶፍትን Microsoft Education Award አሸንፏል፡፡

ብሩክታይት በ2010 የሮሌክስ ወጣት ሎሬትም ተብላ መሰየሟም ይታወሳል፡፡


Bruktawit Tigabu Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Tsehai’s Amharic Classroom Library Project -…

የ«ፀሐይ መማር ትወዳለች» መሥራች ብሩክታይት ጥጋቡ ልታስገነባ ላሰበችው የአማርኛ መማሪያ እና የላይብረሪ ፕሮጀክት ገቢ ማሰበሰቢያ ዘመቻ አድርጋለች።

የዊዝ ኪድስ ወሮክሾፕ ተባባሪ መሥራች የሆነችው ብሩክታይት ጥጋቡ መቀመጫውን በኦክላንድ ካደረገ የማህበረሰብ ሥራ ፈጣሪዎችን ከሚያበረታታና ሰርክል ዶት ኮም ከተባለ ተቋም ጋር ነው የገቢ ማሰባሰቢያ ዘመቻውን የጀመረችው።

ፕሮጀክቱ የመማሪያ ክፍሎችን እና መጻሕፍት ቤትን በአንድ የመማሪያ ክፍል ውስጥ በማቀናጀት የተማሪዎችን ትምህርት ቅበላ ለማሳደግ የሚረዳ ነው።

ዘመቻው የአማርኛ የመማሪያ ክፍሎችን ለመገንባት እና በመጀመሪያ ደረጃ ትምህርት ቤቶች የመጽሐፍት ቤት ለመገንባት የሚውል ነው።

ፀሐይ መማር ትወዳለች የቴሌቪዥን የህጻናት ፕሮግራም በየሳምንቱ ከ5 ሚልዮን በላይ ህጻናት እንደሚከታተሉት የተገለጸ ሲሆን

የፋስት ካምፓኒ መጽሔት ብሩክታዊትን ከአለማችን 1000 ምርጥ የፈጠራ ሰዎች ውስጥ አንዷ አድርጎ እንደመረጣት የሚታውስ ነው።

የሃየር ሰርክል መሥራች እና ሥራ አስኪያጅ ዊልያም ሲልቫ «ብሩክታዊት እና የሥራ አጋሮቿ በኢትዮጵያ የሕጻናትን የንባብ ባህል ለማዳበር ከፍተኛ ሥራ ሰርተዋል» ብሏል ።

ሊገነባ የታሰበው የመማሪያ ክፍሎች እና የመጽሐፍት ቤት በተለያዩ ዘመናዊ የማስተማሪያ ዘዴዎች የሚታገዝ እና ሕጻናት ሳይሰላቹ የንባብ ልምዳቸውን ሊያዳብሩ የሚችሉበት እንደሚሆን ተጠቅሷል።

ዘመቻው 25 ሺህ የአሜሪካ ዶላር በማሰባሰብ በአዲስ አበባ እያንዳንዳቸው ስድስት የመማሪያ መጽሐፍት ቤት በመገንባት

ከ1ኛ እስከ 4ኛ ክፍል 3600 ተማሪዎችን የሚቀበል ሲሆን 1920 መጽሐፍትን 480 የመማሪያ ዲቪዲዎችን እና ሌሎች የትምህርት ግብአቶችን እንደሚያካትት ተገልጿል።


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